Filling a Quota?

Working in theatre has opened my eyes a lot to diversity – or lack thereof might I say. There is such a lack of diversity yet when I was applying for jobs, every single application would contain a statement along the lines of; ‘We encourage people who identify as BAME and/or have a disability to … Continue reading Filling a Quota?

My Top 6* Favourite Musicals

*Because I couldn't knuckle it down to 5 Wicked Why: It’s just warming, fun and magical. It’s the musical I’ve seen the most in theatre. There’s a strange snobbery around musical theatre, for example if you like a ‘mainstream’ musical such as Wicked it means you’re not as clued up on ‘real’ musical theatre. To … Continue reading My Top 6* Favourite Musicals

Should All Theatre Be Colour-Blind?

BAME groups have always been under-represented in theatre. Statistically, 76% of ethnic makeup in casts from Broadway and non-profit theatres are Caucasian (AAPAC, 2015/16). When the producers of the West End transfer of the award-winning musical Hamilton announced that ‘colour-blind casting’ would be implemented, it prompted the question, should all theatre be colour-blind in order … Continue reading Should All Theatre Be Colour-Blind?