Jekyll and Hyde – Review

★★★☆☆ On Thursday 27th of September I got the opportunity to watch Chickenshed’s production of Jekyll and Hyde. If you were an English Literature student like me you’ll know how popular this text is in the academic syllabus. Its aim to represent the juxtaposition between good and evil (this is starting to sounds like an … Continue reading Jekyll and Hyde – Review


Confessions of a Super Hero – Review

★★★★☆ Confessions of a Super Hero by Sam Ody, George Gehm and Glenn Clarke is a new comedy musical which graced Camden Fringe Festival from August 16th- 18th. It tells the story of Jenny-Lee (Meesha Tuner) joining a ‘Superhero’s anonymous’ group in the hope they will help to control her powers. Throughout the course of … Continue reading Confessions of a Super Hero – Review