Filling a Quota?

Working in theatre has opened my eyes a lot to diversity – or lack thereof might I say. There is such a lack of diversity yet when I was applying for jobs, every single application would contain a statement along the lines of; ‘We encourage people who identify as BAME and/or have a disability to … Continue reading Filling a Quota?

A Christmas Carol – Review

★★★☆☆ The Chickenshed Christmas shows never fail to bring magic and hope to an audience and A Christmas Carol was no different. It had every ingredient quintessentially Christmas, bright lights, the biggest Christmas turkey ever seen and even snow! Its musical numbers and the great accompanying choreography is what really stood out in this performance. … Continue reading A Christmas Carol – Review

Should All Theatre Be Colour-Blind?

BAME groups have always been under-represented in theatre. Statistically, 76% of ethnic makeup in casts from Broadway and non-profit theatres are Caucasian (AAPAC, 2015/16). When the producers of the West End transfer of the award-winning musical Hamilton announced that ‘colour-blind casting’ would be implemented, it prompted the question, should all theatre be colour-blind in order … Continue reading Should All Theatre Be Colour-Blind?

Confessions of a Super Hero – Review

★★★★☆ Confessions of a Super Hero by Sam Ody, George Gehm and Glenn Clarke is a new comedy musical which graced Camden Fringe Festival from August 16th- 18th. It tells the story of Jenny-Lee (Meesha Tuner) joining a ‘Superhero’s anonymous’ group in the hope they will help to control her powers. Throughout the course of … Continue reading Confessions of a Super Hero – Review